Bored To Study If You Do It All Over Your
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Bored to study? If you do it all over your body, it’s not!

Researcher Jelmer de Maat (Jelmer de Maat) said that learning does not have to be boring. He developed a game where children can use their entire body to learn. In this way, he gave the body a strong development trend in cognitive psychology: Embodied cognition. There are many children who do not want to go […]

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Damjanović handed over the list of the coalition European team for Nikšić: Komitas songs, shouts against Chetniks…

The list was handed over by the former Minister of Science, Sanja Damjanović, together with the presidents of the municipal boards of the parties that make up the alliance. In the presence of several hundred citizens, with Montenegrin flags and Montenegrin and comitatus songs, as well as those against the Chetniks, the European Team for […]

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Sergio Moro And Huck Talk About The Alliance Over The

Sergio Moro and Huck talk about the alliance over the Presidential dispute, the newspaper said

Former Minister Sergio Moro and speaker Luciano Huck are in talks over a coalition to run for president in 2022. Former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro and host Luciano Huck is negotiating a coalition to run for President in 2022. Information was released by Folha de S. Paul on Saturday night last week (7). According […]

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Azul Azul4 Is Expected To Operate At Over 100 Of

Azul (AZUL4) is expected to operate at over 100% of domestic capacity in 1Q21

By December, Azul plans to operate at around 70% of total capacity A blue (BLUE4) announced on Wednesday (16) capacity forecast for December 2020 and for the first quarter of 2021. According to a related information disclosed by the airline, Azul is expected to operate about 70% of its total capacity by December each year. […]

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