Ministry: AVPD team VCG provided delivery of almost 2,000 tons of food and other assistance to the population of Somalia

The Ministry of Defense said that the EU formed the EU naval force Navfor Somalia in December 2008 and launched the naval operation “EU Navfor Atalanta” in response to the growing level of piracy and armed robbery in the so-called sea area. “Horns of Africa” ​​in the Indian Ocean Members of the Autonomous Vessel Protection […]

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The government fired three health ministry assistants

Due to the new systematization, the mandates of Sladjana Pavlović, Milica Škiljević and Mevlida Gusinjac ended At the end of last week, the government fired three assistant ministers of health because their jobs were abolished by the new Rulebook on internal organization and systematization of that department. Minister of Health Jelena Borovinić Bojović proposed to […]

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Kasalica State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare?

The role of the state secretary will be to supervise the work of all state administrations within the competence of the Ministry Economist and financial expert Mila Kasalica will most likely be the state secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, Vijesti has learned from several sources in the executive branch. Today, the […]

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The Ministry Of Finances Direct Interest Rate Started Strong This
Personal Finance

The Ministry of Finance’s direct interest rate started strong this week

The Ministry of Finance direct auction is open from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Such as Treasury bill direct interest rate Compared with last Friday (20), this Monday (23) is at a strong high. Here are the various changes, starting from the index to the generalized consumer price index (IPCA). Title index to HICP + […]

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