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Cavic: There was no increase in the number of patients in Pljevlja

“It is something that can protect us to a certain degree from infection at this moment. Of course, the delay in vaccination causes a number of consequences in our city as well, and I think that this is a problem that needs to be solved urgently, “Cavic pointed out. Despite the media allegations about the […]

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Unemployment Benefits Us Orders Increase By 137000 Per Week To

Unemployment benefits: US orders increase by 137,000 per week to 853,000

The number of people requesting unemployment benefits was lower than expected. US Department of Labor reported on Thursday (10) Unemployment benefit In the week ending December 5, China had an increase of 137,000 to 853,000. However, last week’s results were lower than the expectations of analysts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, who expected the […]

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Copom Did Not See The Selic Increase Immediately But Signaled

Copom did not see the selic increase immediately but signaled “early” change.

Copom does not see the selic increase immediately but signals an “early” change. Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) reiterated that they did not see the need to immediately raise the base rate (Selic), but signaled that “early” conditions may not be met. The Commission released the minutes of the final Central Bank (BC) meeting, which set […]

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Bolsonaro Said That He Would Veto The Tax Increase On

Bolsonaro said that he would veto the tax increase on the tourism industry

Bolsonaro announced that it would veto the increase in tourism tax President Jair Bolsonaro announced on Tuesday (10), during an event at the Planalto Palace, that any proposals related to a tax increase on tourism would be vetoed by him. According to the president of the Brazilian Marine Tourism Association, Marco Ferraz, there is an […]

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