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The government fired three health ministry assistants

Due to the new systematization, the mandates of Sladjana Pavlović, Milica Škiljević and Mevlida Gusinjac ended At the end of last week, the government fired three assistant ministers of health because their jobs were abolished by the new Rulebook on internal organization and systematization of that department. Minister of Health Jelena Borovinić Bojović proposed to […]

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The Government Tries To Prevent Voting In Congress On Immunity

The government tries to prevent voting in Congress on immunity veto

The government tries to prevent voting in Congress on veto to extend immunity The federal government tries to prevent voting in Congress on an extended veto except payroll 17 branches of the economy. Deputies and senators must decide on November 4 whether to overturn the presidential veto of the Republican President. Take primarily market news […]

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Aviation Industry Government Is Studying Tax Cuts On Fuel The

Aviation industry: government is studying tax cuts on fuel, the newspaper said

The government is studying tax breaks for the airline industry In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, there was a significant reduction in the performance of companies in aviation area According to Valor Econômico, by 2020, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Economy will study a tax reduction package for aviation fuel, accounting […]

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