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Srzentic: The goal is to build an administration that is service-oriented to citizens and the economy

She talked with the President of SSICG, Christoph Schoen, the Executive Directors of the Council Ivan Radulović, Telekom, Dino Cibulaskaja, Crnogorska komercijalna banka, Pal Kovacs, and the Executive Director of Saga CG and the Chairman of the ICT Committee in the Council, Ivan Bojanović. necessary to implement in order to improve digital business, greater efficiency […]

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Bolsonaro Guedes Is 98 Of The Economy Im 1 And

Bolsonaro: ‘Guedes is 98% of the economy, I’m 1% and I move to 2’

Bolsonaro says Paulo Guedes is “98% of the economy” The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, reiterating support for Mr. Paulo Guedes on Sunday this week (29), affirmed the minister as “98% of the Economy”. Information is Content Estadão. “Paulo Guedes is 98% of the economy, I’m 1% and I’m two. So much so that […]

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Paulo Guedes Said We Will Maintain Support For The Economy

Paulo Guedes said we will maintain support for the economy

Paulo Guedes said we will maintain support for the economy Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, announced on Sunday (22) that the government will continue to maintain support for the economy as long as the crisis caused by the new coronavirus (covid-19) continues. The Minister gave an interview to the Valor Econômico newspaper. According to Paulo […]

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Net Debt Is Expected To Reach 75 Of Gdp By

Net debt is expected to reach 75% of GDP by 2023, the Economy Ministry said

According to the Ministry of Economy, debt will reach 75% of GDP by 2023 O Ministry of Economics announced on Tuesday (15) that the projected primary outcome target for 2023 is a deficit of R $ 150.13 billion, almost double the expected April 2020. In addition, net debt, the devaluation of government assets, has been […]

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