Damjanović handed over the list of the coalition European team for Nikšić: Komitas songs, shouts against Chetniks…

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The list was handed over by the former Minister of Science, Sanja Damjanović, together with the presidents of the municipal boards of the parties that make up the alliance.

In the presence of several hundred citizens, with Montenegrin flags and Montenegrin and comitatus songs, as well as those against the Chetniks, the European Team for Niksic coalition, consisting of DPS, SD, Liberal Party and Patriotic Comitatus Alliance, handed over the list for the upcoming local elections. in the town under Trebjes to be held on March 14.

The list was handed over by the former Minister of Science, Sanja Damjanović, together with the presidents of the municipal boards of the parties that make up the alliance.

Damjanović said that she was honored to be at the top of the list
makes a team of great people.

“This list is carried by us, a great team of people. Niksic is lucky – us Niksic citizens. We are proud that in just a few days we managed to collect 13,500 signatures of support, which shows how much our sincere energy and desire for the development of Nikšić has actually been recognized. Prosperity and development are our goal. We have knowledge, we have a vision, we want prosperous Montenegro, we want prosperous Niksic, we want European Niksic. Our policy has no alternative. We believe in European values, “said the former Minister of Science.

She pointed out that she worked in Podgorica as the Minister of Science, but lived in Nikšić and “felt the huge potential of the city under Trebjes.”

I also witnessed the development of Niksic, great infrastructure projects such as the reconstruction of the House of Revolution, the reconstruction of our Square, our heart of Niksic, wind farm ‘Krnovo’, which is prestigious in Europe in terms of wind farm built at the highest altitude, our Technopolis, new the Nikšić-Cetinje road and many infrastructure projects “, she pointed out.

However, she stressed that they are also aware of the problems in Niksic
relate to the economic situation and the high unemployment rate, as well as to
these problems are not solved by populism.

“Such problems are solved by concrete projects, concrete programs. Our language is not populist phrases. We want a smart city, we want smart agriculture, we want an innovative industry, we want to create an environment in which young people will be leaders and we have a solution for all these goals, “said Damjanovic, adding that she will selflessly use all her international support. for the development of Montenegro and Niksic.

Commenting on the list of councilors, which includes a large number of new names, but not those who have managed the city so far, Damjanović said that she is proud of them, and that the development of the city does not depend on the individual but on the entire team.

“I really call on you to work together, not to rely on individuals because an individual cannot do anything. We can do it as a team and I guarantee progress with this team. Our previous team is also the machinery of great people, stronger intellectuals. “We need to see the huge progress we have made, and that does not come from a small number of people, but from the machinery of our people,” she said.

She called on the citizens to reduce tensions and show civic spirit.

“Montenegro was a country and it is a country that has great relations with all its neighbors. We just want our neighbors to look at us that way. What
as for outside influence, I believe in the courage of the people of Niksic, in their own decision. I believe in our victory regardless of external influences “, said Damjanović after handing over the electoral list” European team for Nikšić “.

A coalition called “European Team for Niksic”, whose slogan
reads “Together we are changing the city for the better”, make up the Democratic Party
Socialist, Social Democrat, Liberal Party and Patriotic-Comitatus

The list of the European Team for Niksic coalition includes:

Dr. Sanja Damjanovic –

Dr Jevto Eraković

Zoran Vukićević

Marko Burić

Dr. Ivana Radonić

Dragoljub Charlie Ilic

Dr. Dejan Perović

Marko Radojevic

Boris Muratović

Petar Šundić

Dr. Jasmina Nikčević

Sonja Milatović

Dr. Aleksandar Mrvošević

Tatjana Knezevic Perisic

Slobodanka Boba Roganovic

Dr. Ljiljana Adzic

Nikola Bezmarevic

Jelena Markovic

Rajko Perović

Dr. Nikola Tadic

Miodrag Dragan Nikolic

Acim Dabovic

Momcilo Mićun Mićunović

Kristina Scepanovic

Draško Mijušković

Vladan Vujkovic

Zoran Stanišić

Svetlana Batrićević

Darko Rojevic

Mirko Vujacic

Goran Milicic

Dr. Marija Mitrić Koprivica

Nikola Gardašević

Marko Blečić

Aldijana Hodžić

Ana Jovanović

Ana Petrović Njegoš

Zdravko Gigo Jauković

Nikola Zirojevic

Gorica Miljanic

Aleksandra Vujović