Value of Facebook fans: 134 Euros

Value Of Facebook Fans 134 Euros

In 2013, the company invested a lot of money to buy fans on Facebook. Facebook advertising, likes and sharing promotions, content management: all possibilities are used to increase the number of likes. A new study by Syncapse shows that this is not wrong. The average value of Facebook fans is 134 euros.

Syncapse studied more than 2,000 Facebook users who have recently become fans of the brand. The research includes factors such as product spending, loyalty, positive word of mouth, media value, and brand affinity.

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The result: Compared with non-Facebook fans, Facebook fans spend 89 Euros on the brand every year. This involves a 43% increase in spending, while Facebook fan income is not high. Compared with non-fans, Facebook fans are also 18% more satisfied with their brand.

However, the value of fans can vary greatly. For example, the value of fans of or will be much lower than the value of brands such as BMW or McDonalds. The most successful brands are BMW (1,238 euros per fan) and Wal-Mart (640 euros per fan).

Although the average income of 134 euros per fan is impressive, there should be a supplementary explanation. Syncapse has studied 20 major companies such as Levi’s, Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Xbox and H&M. Therefore, the question is whether the research results can be passed on to SMEs. Maybe our sober Dutch and Belgians are unlikely to spend money on our favorite brands. We said: it’s time to conduct a Dutch investigation!