Robots now also have their own internet

Robots Now Also Have Their Own Internet

When we don’t know something, we look it up on the Internet. Now, robots can do this. The researchers created an Internet for the robot, where our steel friends can enter and retrieve information.

We have encountered robots in many places. A good example is the robot vacuuming our house completely independently. Robots already have powerful capabilities: they know exactly which part of the house has been vacuumed and what parts are still to be done. It is also important: the robot vacuum cleaner also knows when to charge, and then charges independently. It’s impressive, but these are actually very simple robots that perform simple tasks.

In the future, researchers hope to develop robots that can do more. For example, we can prepare food and bring it to our robot. However, the more complex the robot, the greater the memory and computing power required. Therefore, these robots will be bulky and expensive, and will not be widely produced and used. To prevent this, researchers have now developed the Internet for robots.

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The Internet has multiple functions. For example, it enables robots to perform part of their processing in the cloud. This means they no longer need to store as much memory locally and can still process information super fast (usually faster than using local memory).

However, the Internet also provides opportunities for robots to learn from each other and share information with each other. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner can draw a map of a living room, and when another robot walks around the room to bring breakfast to roommates, another robot can use it again. Therefore, the robot does not have to reinvent the wheel every time. The researchers said in the paper that, instead, they are based on information that their “colleagues” have already collected.

Researchers expect that with their own Internet, robots will become lighter, cheaper and smarter.They call robots the Internet Rapyuta Given.