Is the phone battery low? Give it water!

Is The Phone Battery Low Give It Water

This is a nightmare for many smartphone addicts.You walk in Middle of nowhere Then your phone turns off. Empty battery! right now? Thanks to the scientists, all you have to do is find a ditch, swimming pool or tap to fill your phone with water.

It is actually very simple. You connect your phone to a small device (called PowerTrekk). Then sprinkle water on PowerTrekk and your phone will charge.

The fuel cell
The technology behind this ingenious system was invented by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, which is based on micro fuel cell technology. When water is poured onto the metal plate in PowerTrekk, hydrogen will be released and combined with oxygen, causing a chemical reaction. The energy released by this chemical reaction is then converted into electrical energy. Therefore, PowerTrekk can provide enough energy to charge the iPhone.

do you know…

… Scientists have recently developed a new telephone keypad?

PowerTrekk can directly provide the generated energy to the smartphone. It can also save energy and charge the phone at a later time.

PowerTrekk is particularly suitable for people living in remote areas, such as those who visit remote areas or are isolated from the outside world due to the environment (such as natural disasters). Researcher Anders Lundblad said: “There is no electricity in a large area, and mobile phones are increasingly performing important functions, such as obtaining information about the weather and the possibility of electronic payments. “

Lundblad hopes to show through PowerTrekk that fuel cells are nothing in the distant future. “The introduction of our chargers is a strategic step to make fuel cells more widely accepted by society. Our chargers may still be expensive now, but in the long run, if mass-produced, their prices will drop.”