Get fuel from the atmosphere: a new discovery makes it possible

Get Fuel From The Atmosphere A New Discovery Makes It

A new scientific discovery may make it possible in the future to directly convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into biofuels.

Researcher Michael Adams said: “What we actually do is create a microorganism that acts on carbon dioxide like plants.” “It is to absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into something useful.”

Plants use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar. These sugars are energy for plants. Then, we humans can extract those sugars from plants and use them to make fuel, such as ethanol. In theory, this sounds good, but unfortunately, the effect is not ideal in practice. It turns out that it is difficult to remove all sugars from plants (these sugars are well stored in the cell walls of plants).

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…Scientists have recently developed a sponge that can remove carbon dioxide from the air?

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Scientists have now developed a new method of producing biofuels. Plants have no effect on this. Adams said: “We have eliminated plants from intermediate processes.” “We can directly absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into useful products, such as fuel and chemicals, without having to undergo plant growth and extraction from plants. The inefficient process of sugar.”

The new method is based on microorganisms Pyrococcus furiosus. Microorganisms live in very hot sea water, close to geothermal sources.There is life Plasmodium falciparum Carbohydrates.Adams and his colleagues have now modified the genetic material of microorganisms in order to Plasmodium falciparum You can eat carbon dioxide at a lower temperature. The researchers then used hydrogen to trigger a chemical reaction in the microorganisms that incorporated carbon dioxide into 3-HP (3-hydroxypropionic acid). 3-HP is a substance widely used in industry.With this new version Plasmodium falciparum With further adaptation, Adams and his colleagues can create a microorganism that can produce other useful industrial substances, including fuel.

When burning fuel Plasmodium falciparum It releases as much carbon dioxide from the carbon dioxide as needed to produce fuel. This makes the fuel a green alternative to gasoline, coal and oil. It may take a while to actually find fuel. More research is needed. “In the future, we will further improve the process and conduct more extensive testing.”