Anyone will soon be able to make robotic cockroaches

Anyone Will Soon Be Able To Make Robotic Cockroaches

Remote cockroach: isn’t this the most popular science fiction novel? Okay, no! Last year we wrote about the arrival of these cyborgs, but for us, this is still a far away performance. But not long. Soon, everyone will be able to create and control the cockroaches of cyborgs!

A new initiative appeared on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter: RoboRoach. RoboRoach is a durable backpack that can be fixed on the back of any cockroach. Connect the electrode to the cockroach and start the experiment! RoboRoach comes with its own iPhone and Android applications, which can remotely control cockroaches.

The researchers hope to raise $10,000 to greatly promote the development of the project. Anyone who donates one hundred dollars or more will receive their RoboRoach kit in November 2013 to get started. Compared with hiring a private investigator, this is a cheap deal.

RoboRoach works in roughly the same way as the production package. The cockroach’s antenna is connected to the backpack by a wire. Then send the pulse to the antenna to make the cockroach think that there is a wall on one side. This turned the cockroach over. In fact, this animal was misled.

The arrival of robot cockroaches also means the arrival of many problems concerning privacy violations and animal suffering. Cockroaches can use tiny holes to participate in secret meetings, take nude photos of celebrities or catch cheaters. What do you think of these robotic cockroaches that rely on mechanical devices to sustain their lives? Are you worried about the welfare of these insects? You can leave a comment at the bottom of this article!