3D simulations for larger crowds

3d Simulations For Larger Crowds

Scientists at Utrecht University have developed new software that can simulate a crowd of up to 80,000 people. Therefore, the software is a major improvement over the old software for 35,000 people.

Did you know that you can simulate the movement of people on a computer? At Utrecht University, computer scientists have developed new software to observe how large groups of people move, such as passing through stations or during events such as Queen’s Day.

For example, due to multiple renovations, the walking route through Amsterdam and Utrecht stations must be constantly adjusted. The new software calculates every step of thousands of people, and each step affects the movement of another. Just like in real life. Roland Geraerts, Ph.D. computer scientist at Utrecht University, explained: “This requires a lot of computer resources. The previous simulation software allowed everyone to cross the same line. If someone came from the other side, they would mix together. We let Computer calculations are extremely intelligent. This makes people walk around, they avoid each other in a realistic way, and it is much easier to change the environment.”

Many of us play games on computers. From here, software for simulating crowds was developed. Every character in the game must respond to external signals or environmental changes. In addition, the character must choose a reliable route and act effectively. Not only must they be able to walk, but they must also be able to run, crawl, jump and climb. Just like ordinary people. The ultimate goal is to create a virtual world whose characters can respond in real time and come to life.