The capital gave preference to previous tenants: “Equalized points for the best offer and management so far”

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The call of the Capital for the lease of land for the installation of temporary facilities is assessed by some interested parties as discriminatory

The Capital City Property Directorate issued a call for bids for the lease of land for the installation of temporary facilities, but many interested tenants assessed it as discriminatory.

They claim that the previous tenants of the locations are “too favored”.

“This year, the way of scoring has changed, ie the previous tenants can easily keep their locations, regardless of whether someone will offer more money than them,” complained one of the interested tenants for the kiosk.

He explained that he was collecting money for a location in a part of the city across Morača, but that when he saw the conditions this year, he was at a disadvantage in relation to the previous tenant.

“To be clear, no one has anything against the previous tenants, but not to be favored to such an extent. In all previous years, scoring was defined so that as many as 80 points carry the best offer, which is logical, because the city should extract the maximum amount of money for the budget. And this year, they almost equalized the number of points for the best offer and the management of the location so far “, he pointed out.

According to the conditions, this year the best offer is valued at 55 points, and the current management of the location brings 45 points.

“In translation, if a location is worth 12,000 euros a year, as a new party they can offer 20 or 30 thousand euros and get a maximum of 55 points. And you, who have leased the land so far, can offer only eight, nine or ten thousand euros, because in the beginning you have 45 points based on the previous lease, so you only need 11 more points to beat every possible price I offer, “he said. is a dissatisfied citizen of Podgorica.

He emphasized that the budget will suffer because of this, because each location is furnished to earlier tenants, instead of motivating new ones, so that the offers would be as high as possible and the city would earn more money. According to the public invitation, which ended on February 12, if the two offers have the same number of points, the previous tenant will have the advantage, provided that he has regularly settled his obligations. The opening of bids will be on February 17, 18 and 19.

The Directorate also announced an advertisement for the lease of locations for up to five years for the installation of catering equipment – for popcorn, ears of corn, ice cream, and whose price, depending on the location, ranges from 90 to 195 euros per year.

Those interested can rent kiosks at numerous locations in the city, and the price ranges from 470 to 950 euros. For a temporary catering facility in Njegosev Park on 50 square meters, the starting price is 4,875 euros per year. For a building for trade and services on the Boulevard of St. Peter of Cetinje of 122.70 square meters, the starting price is 11,963 euros.

An open bar or beach bar of nine square meters across the street “Palade” costs a minimum of 607.5 euros per year, and for five square meters with a terrace on the right side of the entrance to the Azerbaijani Park, the rent is 487.50 euros…