Krivokapić: High level of youth unemployment, they want a stronger role of the state

Last year’s survey of sociology students from the Faculty of Philosophy showed that as many as 80 percent of students have a moderate, strong or very strong desire to leave Montenegro

Photo: Svetlana Mandić

When we talk about young people and their position in society, we should keep in mind that Montenegro has been going through a period of post-socialist transition for 30 years, said Natasa Krivokipić, from the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, at the Forum entitled “Youth as Victims of Transition”. organized by the Center for Political Education (CPE).

The topic of the Forum was the growing unemployment rate of young people in Nikšić, and the participants were experts in this field, representatives of NGOs dealing with youth policy issues, a representative of the Municipality of Nikšić and representatives of electoral lists who were given the opportunity to present ideas for challenges. faced by young people in the town below Trebjes.

Only the coalition “European Team for Niksic”, led by the Democratic Party of Socialists, did not respond to the invitation.

“What largely determines the position of young people in Niksic is the still unfinished economic transformation of society. Its consequences for young people are primarily a high level of youth unemployment, deteriorating quality of life, not only economically but also culturally, lack of prospects, “said Krivokapic.

She said that according to Monstat data, from 2011 to 2019, Nikšić recorded a negative balance when it comes to migration, and that last year’s survey of sociology students from the Faculty of Philosophy showed that as many as 80 percent of students have a moderate, strong or very strong desire for leaving Montenegro.

The main reason for moving to another country, according to the results of the research, is a better standard of living (31 percent), higher salary (24 percent), better employment opportunities (18.3 percent) and socio-political stability of the host country (8 percent). However, Krivokapic said, as many as 83 percent of respondents, when asked “how do you see your future in ten years”, answered that it will be better than now.

“It is interesting that young people want a stronger role for the state, democratic socialism. “Most young people believe that the state should make sure that the incomes of the rich and the poor are equalized and that everyone has enough funds for a decent life, as well as that state ownership over the economy and business should be increased,” Krivokapic said.

Kristina Ćetković, from the NGO “35 mm”, pointed out that she hopes that in the coming period, political parties will realize all the activities that they presented in their election campaigns, and which concern young people.

“We have to change the perception of young people, to move away from the established practice that the world rests on young people. No, young people are our future and we need to think together with young people about their needs, to involve and hear them in order to create programs, projects and activities and ensure that they see this country as a state of social justice, where they will be valued by what they know and know how, and not according to which party, minority or anyone they belong to “, said Ćetković.

Milan Korać, Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Welfare, said that the most important activities that the local government has implemented over the past two years are the implementation of youth employment incentives and the process of drafting and implementing the Local Action Plan for Youth 2020-2021 .

“77 university students entered the Employment Program. Their engagement started on June 15, 2019, and currently 44 users are engaged through the program “, said Korać.

He pointed out that at the end of 2019, a youth service was opened in Nikšić, that an activity called “Young people take over” has been organized for several years, and that at the end of last year the projects “Let’s go together” started, as part of which three the best ranked ideas were given the opportunity to further develop them, and “Niksic is my address”, which means providing subsidies for housing loans on favorable terms.

He reminded that the Municipality of Nikšić awards scholarships, based on the “Luča” diploma, in the monthly amount of 55 euros, and a student award in the amount of one and a half times the average salary in Montenegro.

Within the Forum, whose goal is to encourage decision makers to think about creating new jobs, as well as encouraging and developing entrepreneurial potential, the problem of poorly developed economy in Niksic, which is directly related to the issue of unemployment, was presented.

The director of the CPE, Dragisa Janjusevic, said that the Forum was held as part of the project “On the Road to Democracy (Towards Citizen Service)”, which was supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.

“Just before the elections, we wanted to highlight important topics that should position local self-government as a service to citizens. We have recognized five points – environmental protection, youth unemployment, sports and sports organizations, road infrastructure and underdeveloped tourist potentials of the municipality “, said Janjušević.

Each Forum begins with the realization of a video in which citizens and experts were interviewed, in order to see what they think about the topic that is being realized.

“Due to the impossibility of communication with citizens, we have planned to create a digital brochure, draw the commercial side of social networks, and after the election and formation of the government, three performances are planned where young people will remind all political parties of election promises and programs. concerned these topics, “Janjusevic said.

The project lasts until July 31, and two Forums have been realized.